Banking Support

Everyone ought to consider opening a Hong Kong bank account and moving a portion of their savings there. This is the most important step, for some key reasons:

  1. First, most western banks are sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars in losses to their asset portfolios, not only from the sub-prime debacle, but also from sovereign default issues. Hongkong has never had a banking failure. Opening a bank account in Hong Kong is very straightforward, much more so than in the US, UK or Europe.
  2. Second, Hong Kong banks typically make it easier to diversify your currency exposure. If you want to get out of the dollar or euro, for example, a single bank account in Hong Kong lets you diversify into over a dozen different options. Chinese Renminbi, Singapore Dollars, Australia Dollars, Pound, Euro, etc.
  3. Last, to open a bank account in Hong Kong all you require is passport number/ travel documents and proof of address. It is not necessary to be resident in Hong Kong or have a work visa in Hong Kong and it's perfectly possible for a tourist to open a bank account in the city.

Main Benifits

  • Convenience - stay with the same bank, no matter how many times you move country
  • Choice of currencies - a wide selection of multicurrency savings and investments to help you grow your wealth
  • Expat expertise - specialists who can help you structure your investments and choose the right foreign exchange solutions
  • Tax efficiency - banking offshore could be a tax efficient way to manage your money