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Company name

  1. How to determine if a company name is the same as another?
  2. How can I know whether the company name I intend to use is the same as a name appearing in the Index of Company Names kept by the Registrar of Companies?
  3. Can I use both English letters and Chinese characters in a company name?
  4. Can I use simplified Chinese characters in the Chinese company name of a local company?
  5. Is it possible to register a company with a Chinese name only?
  6. Can an English company name end with the word "Ltd"?
  7. How can a company change its name after incorporation?
  8. What will be the consequences if a company fails to comply with the change of name direction issued by the Registrar of Companies?
  9. I have already registered the name of my limited company with the Companies Registry. Can I use the registered company name as a trademark? Will my company name be protected as a registered trademark automatically?
  10. Am I free to choose any name I want for my company?

Documents relating to Directors/ Company Secretary

  1. Can a sole director of the company act as the company secretary too?
  2. Can a body corporate act or be appointed as a director of a private company?

Documents relating to Share Capital / Shares

  1. My company has already delivered the annual return for this year but the shareholders of the company will be changed. Can I deliver a revised annual return or other form to report the changes ?
  2. I have just collected the Certificate of Incorporation for my company from the Companies Registry. Do I need to deliver a Return of Allotments (Form NSC1) to report the issue of shares to the founder members who signed the articles of association ?
  3. What is a “Statement of Capital”?


  1. What are the minimum requirements for setting up a Hong kong private company?
  2. How much do I have to pay on delivery of an application for incorporation of a local company?
  3. What mandatory articles are required to be included in the Articles of Association of companies?
  4. What licences does a company need before it can conduct business in Hong kong?
  5. Do I need to open a bank account for my Hong kong company?
  6. Can OneIBC arrange to open a bank account for my Hong kong incorporated company?
  7. What do I receive when all incorporation is complete?
  8. For data fields/boxes in the incorporation form (i.e. Form NNC1 or NNC1G) which are not applicable to my company, can I leave them blank?
  9. When can I get the Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration Certificate for my company after delivering the application?
  10. What about payment methods?
  11. How do I form and register a local limited company in Hong Kong?
  12. Can I subscribe Hong kong Telephone answering or forwarding services and eFax?
  13. Which government department can provide me with free advice on how overseas businesses can set up and expand in Hong Kong?

Annual Returns/ Hong Kong Taxation

  1. What form should I use for an annual return? What is the registration fee payable?
  2. Why should I still pay the annual registration fee when I deliver my annual return to the Companies Registry for registration?
  3. I have a Hong Kong private company. What fees I have to pay to Hong Kong Government?
  4. I have a Hong Kong company limited by guarantee. What fee that I have to pay to Hong Kong Government?
  5. I would like to know about Hong Kong Company Maintenance Costs
  6. Do I have to pay Annual Maintenance Fee Dates and Penalties?
  7. What type of tax do I need to pay in Hong Kong?
  8. How about summiting tax return in Hong Kong?
  9. May I know which taxes Hong Kong government doesn’t impose?
  10. What is the customs Duty in Hong Kong?