How much do I have to pay on delivery of an application for incorporation of a local company?

The application fee for incorporation of a local company having a share capital is HK$1,720. If your application is unsuccessful, you can apply for a refund of the registration fee of HK$1,425 (the lodgment fee of HK$295 is non-refundable).
The registration fee for incorporation of a company limited by guarantee is calculated according to the number of members stated in the Incorporation Form (Form NNC1G) of the company. The registration fee is HK$170 (for number of members not exceeding 25 ), HK$340 (for number of members exceeds 25 but does not exceed 100 members), and HK$20 for every additional 50 members or less after the first 100 members. This registration fee is subject to a maximum fee of HK$1,025.
Any person who delivers an application for company incorporation will be deemed to have applied for business registration. Hence, the prescribed business registration fee and levy must also be delivered together with the Notice to Business Registration Office (IRBR1) and the incorporation documents. Please refer to the Business Registration Fee and Levy Table for the correct amount of fees payable.