Fee of Incorporation

Customers have to pay 2 types of fee including Service Fee and Hong Kong Government Fee.

1. Incorporation Service Fee

This fee will be collected by One IBC Hong Kong for your requirements.

Services and Documents Provided Status
Company Name Search (demo picture); Yes
Documents Preparation; Yes
Certificate of Incorporation (demo picture); Yes
Business Registration Certificate (demo picture); Yes
Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A) (demo picture); Yes
CPA Certified True Copies of company incorporation documents for opening bank account; Yes
Life Time Customer Support; Yes
Business Registration Address; Yes
Secretary Service of Individuals/ Legal Person in Hong Kong about 1 year; Yes
Receiving Mail and Announcement of Hong Kong Government in 1 year; Yes
Annual Return and Filing. Yes
Total Cost (USD) (20% OFF) 499

2. Goverment Fee

The person, who wants to incorporate new company in Hong Kong, needs to pay two types of Government fee. This fee depends on Hong kong government rules and we cannot adjust it.

1. Certificate of Incorporation (CI): Pay one time when setting up the company, including:

  • Application fee
  • Submiting NNC1 form 

Total Cost: USD 221

2. Business Registration Certificate (BR): There are two types of business registration certificate, namely 1-year certificate and 3-year certificate. For a new business other than a local company, the commencement date of its first registration certificate is the date of commencement of business, not the date of application for business or branch registration.

  1 year-certificate 3-year certificate
Fee (USD) 257 668
Levy (USD) 32 96
Total (USD) 289 764

Note: Exchange rate USD/ HKD: 7.78

Customers can pay this fee to Hong Kong government by yourself or One IBC Hong Kong can help you to do this step with 10% service charge. The specific amount depends on your type of business registration certificate that already mentioned above.

After having a new company, you may need the bank account, virtual office or phone number in Hong Kong. OneIBC stays there to fulfill your requirements with the additional services.

Additional Services

1. Bank Account

Services and Documents Provided Status
Consulting on preparing trading proofs; Yes
Checking the adequacy of documents; Yes
Certificate of Incumbency(1) and/or CPA (2); Yes
Making an Appointment with Bank for Client; Yes
Other Documents Preparation. Yes
Total Cost (USD) 299

(1) Certificate of Incumbency is used for to certify your company is legally managed in host country by us and your company is still in good standing.

(2) For the company which is established over 01 year, the above fee will be added an extra fee of 350 USD for CPA.

* Remote banking service: 499 USD

2. Virtual Office & Local Telephone

Services and Documents Provided Status
Office Address; Yes
Mail Acceptance and Forwarding; Yes
Administrative Support; Yes
Incoming and Outgoing E-fax; Yes
Hong Kong Telephone Number; Yes
Fax-to-email can be activated on numbers in Hong Kong. Yes

Contract period: 3 months (monthly payment) (USD)

Contract period: 6 months (monthly payment) (USD)

Contract period: 12 months (monthly payment) (USD)




3. Merchant Account

Services and Documents Provided Status
Merchant Account Application (in Paypal, FirstData, WorldPay, CyberSource and Other) (USD) 250
Merchant Account Set up (USD) 99

 4. Accounting and Audit

All Hong Kong companies should keep a proper business record and prepare the annual financial statements for statutory audit. We offer Accounting and Auditting service with:

- Standard fee with a pre-determined ceiling, customers can estimate their fee according to actual number of transactions;

- Quality professional services, English and Chinese computerized accounting records in CD format for permanent storage. Financial statements can be prepared periodically and properly;

- Professional services provided by qualified accountants, together with accounting software to assist customer ontheir daily accounting entries, and periodical financial reporting.

Our services include the followings:

- Preparation of voucher and data input into the computerized accounting system

- General ledger, cash account, bank account, accounts receivable and accounts payable

- Monthly Bank Reconciliation

- Preparation of financial statements including balance sheet and income statements

Click here to get the quotation for accounting and audit fee.

5. Applying for Investment and Employment Visa (HKID) 

OneIBC supports the Hong Kong ID with Investment Visa and Employment Visa for the customers who aim to obtain long-term visa in Hong  Kong for business purpose. 

The application will take 4-6 weeks* time, when the application is approved, the visa label will be issued . OneIBC will collect the label on behalf of the client with an authorisation letter, then we will send it out to the client. When the client arrives Hong Kong and at the same date, the visa is activated and will be expired after one year, the visa renewal is required, and the second time visa extension approval will be 2 years. 

Service fee for Applying HKID is 2,400 USD 

* The process will be started once all supporting documents are ready. 

6. Ready-made Company with exist Bank Account

We support customer the company with current bank account and total fee is: 10,000 USD. After transfering the account, customer can change the company name as required.