Success tips when doing business in Hong Kong

Success tips when doing business in Hong Kong

Small business and family-owned business are very common in Hong Kong. Generally, in these businesses the most senior members will have the final say. So, make it a point to acknowledge and respect them;

Any negative remarks or comments should always be made in private so as not to insult the other person, be it a business partner or an employee;

Fee negotiation can be a hot pot for potential conflict, so attention should be given to ensure that not to offend a potential business partner

Physical contact is rare when doing business in Hong Kong. Common practices in the US and Europe such as a firm handshake, a pat on the back or putting your hand on someone's shoulder should be avoided;

The exchange of business cards is an important aspect of Chinese business culture. It is consider professional to exchange business cards at the end of every official meeting. Plus, make sure to at least read the card before pocketing it

Government agencies play an important role in doing business in Hong Kong. Foreign entrepreneurs will have to deal with government authorities regularly hence, it is important to be patient when dealing with them.

Not all local companies will well-versed with international trade, so, we encourage our Clients to consistently use and sign contracts of service

Entertainment is an important part of doing business in Hong Kong. It is common for new partner alliances or new business wins to be celebration over a traditional Chinese banquet lunch, or dinner. Traditional Chinese banquets will usually be an eight course meal and guests will be seated on a round the table

Make friends with your local Clients and suppliers. Unlike westerners, the Chinese like to make small talk and exchange pleasantries before conducting business