Annual Renewal and Maintenance

 For registered business, a business registration Business Registration Certificate expires. Upon payment, the demand note will become a valid renewal demand note will be sent by the Business Registration Office approximately 1 month before the current Business Registration Certificate. If you do not receive such a demand note, you should inform the Commissioner in writing within 1 month of the expiry of your current Business Registration Certificate.  Late renewal will attract a penalty of HKD300 (USD40). Further delay will result in court proceeding and extra fine.

Beside the service of company incorporation, OneIBC are expertise to assist the current Hong Kong companies to renew their business registration certificate as well. The time to fulfill the renewal just takes 1-2 days that could be great to the kind of customers in urgent cases.

Here are some kinds of annual registration service included:

Services required

Cost (USD)


Yearly Company Secretary



Yearly Registered Office (inclusive change registered address)


Business Registration Certificate renewal fee to HK government


Note: * This fee includes 10% OneIBC service charge.