Company Formation Service

Fast - Easy - Reasonable Cost

Offshore company is a type of favored company to attain information security, retain business secrets, limited responsibility and tax-free. All information we provide is totally legal, and you can conduct international trade all over the world. Costs may be considered high for establishing an offshore company, but long-term benefits and convenience it gives you far exceed the initial costs. Offshore company does not have to pay income tax. In fact, offshore company only has to pay annual fee for local government. Besides, it can save you annual audit and accounting fee as well as reach the highest level of privacy protection. Offshore company needs not have to operate while it can bring you millions dollar of profit without transferring or providing information for anyone even the local Government.

Main Functions

There are a number of reasons why so many private individuals and businesses decide to incorporate offshore. Some of the major advantages are:

  • Tax saving
  • Simpler business administration
  • Asset protection
  • Privacy / anonymity
  • Global investing

And many more benefits that may an onshore entity does not have. We provide service for incorporation in all prestige jurisdictions. Our international representatives allow us to carry out service quickly, efficiently and professionally.