Investment Visa - HKID

OneIBC supports the Hong Kong ID with Investment Visa and Employment Visa for the customers who aim to obtain long-term visa in Hong  Kong for business purpose. There are numbers of requirements are briefty listed out as below:


  • The proof of the existing business records in overseas or the proof of the employment reference letters
  • Hong Kong company documents, e.g. CI, BR etc.
  • Passport copy and address proof
  • Proof of education backgroud.  e.g. certificate, transcript. 
  • Hong Kong bank account record (within 3 months) to show there is sufficient funds to start up the business in Hong Kong
  • A details 2 years business plan. (the plan should mention about the business nature, operating mode, project profits for the year, sales volumn, employment opportunity offer in Hong Kong etc.
  • The application will take 4-6 weeks time, when the application is approved, the visa label will be issued . OneIBC will collect the label on behalf of the client with an authorisation letter, then we will send it out to the client.
When the client arrives Hong Kong and at the same date, the visa is activated and will be expired after one year, the visa renewal is required, and the second time visa extension approval will be 2 years.