Virtual Office and Local Phone

One IBC Hong Kong's virtual office packages enable you to easily and quickly lease an office in any of our locations throughout the world, support your business to expand into other markets, thus increasing your market share.

At One IBC Hong Kong, we are committed to being the world's best Executive Suites and Virtual Office provider. Our business is founded on the principle of minimizing costs and sharing your overhead to optimize your business efficiency and effectiveness.

One IBC Hong Kong not only provides affordable access to the best locations in the best cities around the world, but also the best facilities, the best technology and the best people crucial to making your business successful.

Our team is proactive, effective and willing to support whenever you need. We aim to take a genuine interest in the growth and success of your business.

We are proud to be an innovator in the Executive Suites and Virtual Office industry with the latest technology driven solutions which can take your business to the next level of success.

Let One IBC Hong Kong help you to join online and set up instantly with a virtual address and a local representative. With virtual offices in premier locations throughout the world, you can have freedom to lease a workspace and work in the city of your choice - everywhere in the world.

To learn more, browse our locations and find a virtual office in your preferred location. In just a few minutes you can sign up for a virtual office in one of our global locations throughout the world, and truly take your business to the next level.

A Virtual Office with a Local Phone are more effective to do business in any areas in the world

With a local phone number from One IBC Hong Kong, businesses are able to set up a virtual office and create a local presence in one or many cities. As a business owner, having a local phone number attached to your business can give you a big competitive edge over other businesses which are not local or only offer national services. Your new number can be forwarded to any existing landline or mobile number - so you don't require any new hardware, reducing costs and hassle down.

With a local phone number, small business owners can easily open new virtual offices in potential cities where they would like to do business. By adding new local numbers, they're able to easily expand their business into cities all over the country. Your One IBC Hong Kong local number will route your calls to any existing phone line so you never miss a call.

When choosing a phone number for your business, you need to decide whether you want to go with a toll free or local number. Depending on where you are located and what you do, a local number may be the best option.

Why Use a Local Number?

If you are driving a business that depends upon users who live in the area, then you may want to choose a local number because:

  1. Local numbers identify your location. Certain area codes make it obvious where your business is based, which can be important depending on what you sell.
  2. They cater to regional customers. If people that live in Singapore see that you are based in Singapore, they will be more likely to buy from you. If you have a brick and mortar location and only sell to people in your region, then you probably want a local number.
  3. Sometimes customers prefer if a business seems local. Sometimes a local business number appears more down to earth, especially compared to a toll free number that implies a national, less personal focus. People have a lot of pride in where they live and work, and often love other sentimental locations.
  4. Easier to receive international calls. It is more difficult to receive international calls with a toll free number because calls are paid for by the recipient and this isn't a problem with local numbers.